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The Financial Glow Up Community

Support That Makes a Difference


School Partnerships

Throughout the many years we attend school, our education system trains us to stay in school, get good grades to ultimately get a job. We are rarely trained on what to do after we get a job and almost never trained what to do with the money and bills that comes along with it.

How many times have you said, “If I only knew then, what I know now”? Our program bridges the gap between "Then and Now" and educating students on  how to effectively manage money by creating a strong financial blueprint. 

Non-Profit & Corporate Partnerships

Many people live paycheck to paycheck regardless of their income. Though our non-profit and corporate partnerships we work with organizations to offer financial literacy workshops to the youth (program participants, youth workers, etc.) to educate them on the financial resources available to them and how to effectively us them to prepare the youth for future success with their personal finances. 

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